Savings Accounts

That new car you’ve been wanting … that vacation getaway you’ve been putting off … those new home improvements you’d like: all are great reasons to open a personal savings account at 1st Source.

It’s a good idea to set aside a little “rainy day” cash, too. And don’t forget life’s inevitable emergencies. A savings account really is an essential part of any sound financial plan. Trust the experts on this.

Trust us as well to have just the right savings account to help you meet your financial goals.

Pay yourself first with Savings Transfers

We make transfers into your 1st Source Bank savings account quick and easy. Whether making a one-time transfer or using scheduled transfers to set it and forget it, you can watch your savings grow! Just follow these simple steps.
Savings Help
The only limitations are those already in place for savings accounts per Federal withdrawal transaction limits per regulation.
You may not make more than six electronic withdrawals/transfers per monthly statement cycle from any savings account.
Transaction types included in the six-per-month limit: Pre-authorized, automatic scheduled or recurring withdrawals or transfers from a savings account to another account, also known as “EFT” or “ACH” transactions.
Online banking transfers. Transfers conducted on 1st Source Bank’s telephone banking service. Transfers made by a telephone service representative on an account holder’s behalf. Transfers initiated by Text Banking from the savings account to the primary account. Electronic overdraft transfers.