Crafting a Powerful Vision Statement to Guide Your Company Toward the Future

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Crafting a Powerful Vision Statement to Guide Your Company Toward the Future

Every business has a purpose for existing - a detailed list of things it does, makes or sells. While it can change over time, at any point, a business’ “mission” describes the work it performs. Many businesses create a formal mission statement for the purpose of informing both employees and customers alike. By its nature, a mission statement will be imbued with the character and values of the company’s leadership. Having a mission statement compiled also helps employees feel more engaged with the company and help identify their place in fulfilling that stated mission. Think of it as providing motivation (over and above their paychecks) for employees to come to work day in and day out.

What motivates both customers and employees even more is a vision statement. In contrast to a mission statement, that refers to why a company exists in the here and now, a vision statement expresses a business’ future aspirations; an articulation of what an owner would like his/her company’s legacy to be. In a nutshell, it’s a statement (of no longer than a few sentences in length) that succinctly encapsulates a business’ long range vision for itself. A vision statement sets the course of a business in a particular direction into the future informing strategic decisions for potentially years to come.

Why consider crafting a vision statement for your business?

In short, a vision statement helps hone your business’ identity, making it more appealing in the eyes of employees and customers. Having that identity clearly spelled out helps employees focus on a bigger picture because they’re aware of the company values and

what it strives to attain. When the employees and customers identify with your company

vision, they will have a higher regard for your brand.

How do you craft a vision statement for your business?

  1. Determine how your vision statement will be used within your organization. Will it become the company tagline or motto? How will it be implemented into company culture? How will it be demonstrated by management? It will be easier to come up with just the right spirit and wording when you have an idea of the vision statement’s actual purpose.
  2. Go on a fact- and opinion-finding mission in your workplace. You’ll want to begin by seeking out feedback from employees - both in leadership positions and the rank and file. Brainstorm, have casual interview sessions or meet-ups to discover how employees describe the company, what its values are, what makes it special, how it operates in a unique manner, what makes it stand out from the competition, etc. Look for commonalities among opinions and use those to inform the content of your vision statement.
  3. Dream a little. Imagine the best, biggest version of your company. In that scenario, what pops out as the thing that is most uniquely special in it? That might just be your ultimate vision! Even if it seems a little outrageous, use it in crafting your vision statement. After all, you want it to be inspirational and exciting - not easily attained and run-of-the-mill.
  4. Be as specific about your vision as possible. You don’t want a vision statement that could apply to just any company. Use your business’ unique strengths to personalize your vision and demonstrate your passion for it.
  5. Be genuine. Remember, this isn’t a sales jingle - it’s a serious motivational tool to guide your employees along the path to achieving the shared company vision. Likewise, it should be meaningful, contextual and clearly reflect the real values of the company.
  6. Communicate your vision statement to your employees once it’s crafted. It won’t serve to motivate and propel your business forward if it sits unused in a drawer, merely a wasted effort. The sooner they hear the train’s in the station, the sooner they can hop aboard!
  7. Implement your vision statement! Take the steps and allocate the resources necessary to turn your vision statement into action. Incorporate it into the very culture of your company. Reference it during motivational discussions and personnel reviews. Participate in corollary community activities. Live your vision statement and empower your employees to do the same so that it has the best possible chance of coming to fruition.

Your business can be so much more than its stated mission! A vision statement puts your company on a path toward the future. Your incorporation of it into your everyday business practices will serve as the road map to arrive at that vision’s destination.

What is your business’ vision statement?

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