5 Ways to Enhance Your Pinterest Marketing

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5 Ways to Enhance Your Pinterest Marketing

Every social network battles to stay relevant to consumers and, more importantly, to establish advertising relationships with companies, big and small, to stay in business. Pinterest is no exception. While Pinterest has not surpassed Twitter, Instagram or Facebook in the list of top social networks, they remain one of the Top 10 most popular social networks, surpassing both LinkedIn and Tumblr.

Staying on top of your Pinterest account can be challenging. Being seen on Pinterest requires both a lot of posting or “pinning” to your feed and interacting with other pinners, but these days, success on Pinterest also requires paying to advertise.

Here are five ways to make sure your Pinterest efforts are effective.

1. Pin More Videos

Pinterest is jumping on the video bandwagon like all other popular social networks. That means that video is finally finding its place in the Pinterest stream and can be more effective than images for attracting attention and driving actions. Pinterest even rolled out wide format video ads that you can purchase through their Self-Serve Ad Manager. See #5 below.

2. Revisit Your Board Cover Images and Titles

Make sure your Boards properly reflect your brand and the most important messages you are trying to convey to Pinterest users. Highlight your products or services, showcase your portfolio or your team, provide useful information in keeping with your business. If you’re a florist, pin not only images or articles about flowers but also pin about color, fashion with florals, and maybe even a food board with edible flowers or even quotes about flowers, all of which are topics that are popular on Pinterest (design, fashion, food and quotes). Make sure your titles are clear and descriptive, using language in keeping with your brand’s personality or image.

3. Make Your Website “Pin-able”

Optimize your website visuals to make them more attractive on Pinterest. Go back to your website and check the images and video on it. You may need to resize or rethink the visuals on your website to be more suitable for Pinterest. Use an image aspect ratio of 2:3 to 1:3.5 or get a graphic designer to help. Image width can be up to 600 pixels wide. Add the Pinterest widget so your website visitors can save content from your website to their feeds. If you have an online catalog, use Rich Pins to show the product price on the pin. You can also connect your web store to your Pinterest account to make shopping with you more seamless for Pinterest users.

4. Plan and Schedule Pins

While you should never overly plan or overschedule your Pinterest feed, developing a strategy for pinning and utilizing a tool to help you schedule your pins can make managing your Pinterest account easier. One tool you can use to create boards, set a publishing schedule, and post Pins directly to Pinterest from its dashboard is Hootsuite. Tailwind is another useful Pinterest tool to create and manage campaigns and identifying your most influential followers. Tailwind integrates with Google Analytics to create a more robust analysis of your Pinterest marketing.

5. Use Pinterest’s Self-Serve Ad Manager Platform

Pinterest lets you create, publish and manage Promoted Pins. Choose your business goal such as getting more traffic to your website, building brand awareness, boosting engagement with your Pins or building brand awareness through video. Set your spending limit and daily budget like you would for Facebook or Twitter ads. Then pick your target using the options of Audiences, Keywords, and Interests. Pick the pins you want to promote. Pinterest suggests that you pick Pins that are already doing well so check your analytics to gauge which ones should get an extra push. Make sure your Promoted Pins go to the right destinations where you can further engage your target audience.

Pinterest continues to be a viable social network but it might not be for every company. If you are trying to reach predominantly women in the U.S., you really should consider it for your social media marketing mix.