Audio Podcasts For Social Media Marketing

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Audio Podcasts For Social Media Marketing

Audio podcasts are often overlooked when planning a social media marketing campaign or promotion, and more often video takes center stage. Audio can be much less resource-intensive to produce than videos. In fact, recording audio can now be done easily from any smartphone and, with practice and a script for guidance, you can keep editing down to a minimum.

Audio for social media can vary in length, however, like most things on the Internet, shorter is better to grab people’s attention and quickly get your message across. Most people listen to audio in a podcast format – subscribing to MP3s on iTunes, Stitcher, or similar services. They listen to podcasts to be informed or entertained.

Think about how you can use audio for your business. Some ways you can use a podcast as a marketing tool include:

  • Providing tips, instruction or advice related to your company and area of expertise.
  • Interviewing experts either within your company or from your community or your industry to impart knowledge.
  • Engaging in Q&A sessions – like audio versions of your FAQ
  • Broadcasting audio from conferences, seminars and classes (with permission, of course)
  • Discussing current events and providing context that is relevant to your company or industry

Apps for Audio

Using the right app can help you record, produce and distribute audio across social media channels. Here are some apps for audio podcasting and hosting.

Anchor – This free app is available for both Android and iOS devices and makes recording and distributing podcasts easy. You can invite others to podcast with you when they have the app or publish voicemail messages from your listeners to share other people’s feedback, ideas and opinions. Audio under three minutes is automatically transcribed and generated into an Anchor video for sharing in social media.

Spreaker – Another podcast recording app is Spreaker. The app is available on mobile, desktop, and the web. You can also upload audio files or import from RSS. The free version limits you to 15 minute recordings, 5 hours worth of storage and doesn’t include podcast distribution. The paid increase duration, space and help push your podcasts out to key distribution channels and range in price from $6 per month to over $100 for the Go Pro version.

Wavve – While converting audio into a video format is done automatically by Anchor, if you have recorded your audio in another way, you can upload it to Wavve and use their service to create a video. The free version lets you create up to one-minute videos. Prices range from $10 to $30 a month for increasingly longer video clips.

Soundcloud – Think of Soundcloud as an audio hosting site, like the YouTube of audio. While dominated by music files, you can also host audio podcasts on the service. You can share your audio clips using the Soundcloud embeddable player for blogs and websites and audio cards for your Twitter stream. The free version gives you three hour upload time and for $7 per month, you get six hour upload time.

You can share links to your audio to your favorite social networks just as you would an article or video. Most podcast recording apps have built in social media sharing tools. Some also offer podcast distribution tools, like Spreaker, but usually at a premium.

Successful podcasts are at least partially scripted, recorded with the right tools and with high quality sound, and released on a regular schedule. Audio podcasts are another way to provide information, build an audience, showcase your brand, and educate your customers and prospects.