5 Facebook Page Enhancements

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5 Facebook Page Enhancements

The way your Facebook Page looks and works today is vastly different from only a few years ago. Keeping up with the feature changes and best practices for Facebook alone can be a daunting task. Here are a few things you may not be doing right now that could enhance your Page and how you’re using it.

1. Add a Cover Video

The Cover image at the top of your Facebook Page gives the first impression when someone accesses your Page. In 2017, Facebook added the ability to upload a video instead of a photograph or illustration. However, many small businesses haven’t taken advantage of this feature. Video continues to attract attention and viewers, and placing a video at the top of your Page that lets people know immediately who you are and what you do can prove more effective than a static image. You can also use animation or an audio slide show as your cover video. The length of your video should be 20 to 90 seconds in length and the ideal dimensions are 820 x 462 pixels but at least 312 pixels wide.

2. Link Out Less

While much of social media marketing takes place to drive traffic from an active social network to another website such as your company site or online store, Facebook wants to keep people on their network as long as possible. While there is no definitive proof that Facebook penalizes you for linking away from their site, you probably have noticed over time that when you do – and you don’t boost your post with an ad – nobody seems to see or react to that particular post. A fast way to solve the “invisible post” problem is to pay to push your post out to a targeted audience. Another way to nudge up visibility is to link to something else within Facebook. If you are selling products, consider adding a selection to your Facebook Page so you can link to them without immediately sending people away from your Page. If you’re holding an event, Facebook wants you to list it on their site, even if you handle your event ticketing on another site like Eventbrite. But what if you’ve got important content on your website that you want to link to from your Facebook Page? That brings us to the next tip.

3. Use Facebook Notes

A simple way to host content from your website on your Facebook Page is through the Notes feature. For lack of a better definition, Notes are Facebook’s blogging platform. Add Notes as a “tab” to your Page through Settings under Manage Templates and Tabs. Create a Note and add content to it include text and images and publish to your Page. Republish the content from your website’s blog into Notes rather than linking out to it from your Page. Publish information about promotions and contests as a Note in addition to anywhere else you publish it. Rearrange the tabs on the left side of your Page to put the sections you want to emphasize most toward the top. Keeping people within Facebook and on your Page means more potential interactions for you.

4. Set Up Facebook Messenger

There are conversations happening on Facebook that take place more privately, in direct messages through Facebook Messenger. The term for these non-public messages between people on social networks is “Dark Social” – the hidden interactions that don’t make the public news feeds. Facebook Messenger is a tool available on Facebook Pages as well as personal profiles. To turn on Messenger for your page, go to Messages under General Settings and enable Messenger so your Page visitors can contact you directly. Create a Messenger Greeting to prompt Page visitors to send messages to you and show frequently asked questions in the Messenger app to prompt people to engage with you. Add a “Response Assistant” to auto-respond with a message when you’re not available online.

5. Add a Group to Your Page

Managing an online community can be a daunting task, but if you are looking to engage with customers and prospects, a Facebook Group is far more engaging than a Page. Facebook has made a distinction between your publicly available “commercial” or “billboard” – a Page – and the more conversational forum, a Group. Facebook Groups help you bring people together to communicate with one another. Make your Group public or Closed or even Secret where it isn’t searchable or viewable by anyone except members. A Closed Group allows you to moderate who gets in. As admin of the Group, pose questions to guide the conversation and get to know your Group members. Facebook Groups have features that Pages don’t such as the ability to upload files including Word documents and PDFs. Post to the Group as you would on your Page but with starting a conversation in mind. Use your Facebook Group to build stronger relationships with your existing customers, colleagues, vendors and other stakeholders in the success of your business.

As you can see, there are features on Facebook that can increase your Page visibility, engagement and results!