Managing Social Media Marketing on a Smartphone

Picture of Aliza ShermanAliza Sherman is a web pioneer, author, and international speaker. Sherman is the author of 8 books about the Internet including The Everything Blogging Book, Streetwise Ecommerce, The Complete Idiot's Guide to Crowdsourcing and Social Media Engagement for Dummies.

Managing Social Media Marketing on a Smartphone

Day-to-day social media marketing has moved from a mostly computer-based activity to a more mobile-based one. While overseeing, planning and some scheduling is suitable to be handled on a computer, the majority of the interactions with your customers and fan base is now better suited to monitoring and managing on the go.

Managing social media on the go can benefit your marketing efforts in several ways:

  • Your response rate will improve, keeping up with the more demanding expectation of mobile-empowered consumers.
  • You will be able to increase the number of Stories you can post on Instagram, Facebook and Snap (aka Snapchat) because these features are only on the mobile version of the social networks. You can improve the attention your accounts get when using this popular format.
  • You will be more nimble when posting live from events or publishing “in-the-moment” content that relies on fast response.

Some of the downsides to a more mobile-approach to social media marketing include:

  • You may find it more challenging to manage different features on the smaller phone screen.
  • You may feel like you are always “on” and not able to totally turn off managing your social media.
  • You may post too often without strategy or planning.
  • If you’re not using a separate business smartphone, you run the risk of accidentally posting personal messages to your business account (this has happened to companies big and small).

If you’re managing your social media marketing from a smartphone, make sure you’ve downloaded the right apps for the job. Here are a few you should consider using.

Facebook – Use the Facebook Pages Manager app instead of the main Facebook app to better manage your Page. Also download Facebook Ads Manager to manage your ad campaigns.

Twitter – While you should use the main Twitter app, also use a social media management app like Hootsuite or a scheduling app like Buffer to plan out, schedule and manage messaging.

Instagram – In addition to the Instagram app, try an app like Planoly to plan out the layout and posts for your Instagram feed. To repost other people’s Instagram posts into your own feed while giving them credit, an app called Repost gives you this functionality. Reposting is not built into the Instagram app.

YouTube Studio – Manage your YouTube channel using this app.

Camera+ - Use a photo editing and optimizing tool like Camera plus to enhance your photographs. Another photo editing site with additional features like frames and embellishments is Photo Editor by Aviary. If you have a little more graphics experience, Photoshop Express also has a smartphone app.

Quik – Need an easy to use video editing tool? Try Quik (from the makers of the GoPro camera).

Canva – Create and edit graphics that are attractive and tailor made for social media. No graphics design experience needed.

Phonto and Vont – Use these apps to lay text over photos and videos, respectively, a visual feature that is popular in social media.

Google Analytics – Keep track of your social media metrics on the fly.

Dropbox – If you’re taking and uploading a lot of images and video, put them into a Dropbox to organize, manage and share them from your phone.

If you blog for your business, you may also find a corresponding app such as the ones for Wordpress or Tumblr.

Make sure to back up your smartphone often so you don’t lose any photos or videos you’ve taken or graphics you’ve made for your social networks. Take advantage of the convenience of managing your social media on your smartphone, but don’t forget to put down the phone, step back, and revisit your overall plan to make sure you’re on track.